<simulated life/>

Nick Bostrom proposed the simulation theory in the 1990’s but I feel i’ve always this idea, a notion, an unspoken quiet feeling that the fabric around us is radically different than what we know it to be. I also have a sneaking suspicion that I am not the only person that has had these moments throughout my life. How old where you when you first realized?

The advent and continual growth of computer science has perhaps begun to show us more about reality and our origins than we had even could have imagined. From massive room sized computers to run and store simple data to the tidal wave of technology we presently have in one lifetime, technology itself may begin to guide our evolution, at least in this particular sim :)

The idea of a simulation theory has confronted us with some very real and exciting questions. How this theory impacts areas of theology, philosophy, and humanity will continue to be seen. But simulation.xyz proposes another view. What if we begin to wake the simulation up. What if we start living the simulated life, and tell others this is what we are doing.

<simulated life/> was born from the idea that if we are in a simulation then lets ‘test’ the system. What if instead of living in wonder of a simulated universe we start living in harmony. Can our intentions change the game? Has a shift already begun? What does your simulated life look like. Be a part.